Meaning of wipe something off in English:

wipe something off

phrasal verb

  • Subtract an amount from a value or debt.

    ‘the crash wiped 24 per cent off stock prices’
    • ‘Scotland's homes are facing a staggering repair bill of £6.5bn in a crisis that is threatening to wipe a substantial amount off the value of the property market.’
    • ‘Five profit warnings have wiped billions off the market value of Morrison.’
    • ‘A profits warning wiped a fifth off the value of the company in one day's trading.’
    • ‘Fears of a slump in internet advertising and a realisation that the PC market can't keep growing at its usual 15-20 per cent a year, has wiped millions off the value of even big tech companies like Cisco and Intel.’
    • ‘As previously reported, Marconi investors and shareholders today have had their first opportunity to quiz the board on its handling of the profits warning which wiped billions off the value of shares.’
    • ‘The impact of the global downturn in the construction sector has wiped billions off the value of stocks in the sector.’
    • ‘Millions of pounds were wiped off the value of the company as the share price plunged by 45p to 185p in the first half hour of trading after the surprise announcement to the Stock Exchange.’
    • ‘Billions of pounds were wiped off the value of Britain's biggest banks while their European equivalents fell on average by 8%.’
    • ‘Billions of euros were wiped off the value of shares worldwide yesterday after the extent of losses at WorldCom sent markets into freefall.’
    • ‘Troubled Manchester holiday firm MyTravel plunged deep into crisis today as millions of pounds were wiped off its value.’
    • ‘Literally trillions of dollars have been wiped off the value of savings and retirement plans across America and Europe.’
    • ‘The Iseq index has lost over 10 per cent in the last three months alone, wiping millions off the value of shares and potentially eroding the value of pension and insurance endowment policies linked to the stock market.’
    • ‘Since our launch in November 1999, billions of pounds have been wiped off the value of our competitors, and many established names in telecoms have collapsed.’
    • ‘Stock markets dropped to their lowest levels for five years, wiping billions off Britain's pensions.’
    • ‘The decision to continue operating meant IFI continued to accumulate major losses and wiped millions off funds available for pension and redundancy packages.’
    • ‘In recent years, falling stock markets have wiped out a large chunk of many companies' reserves.’
    • ‘But these gains have been more than wiped out by the fall in markets throughout February.’
    • ‘The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 20 percent in one day, wiping out close to $1 trillion in wealth.’