Significado de wipe something off the map en en Inglés

wipe something off the map


  • Obliterate something totally.

    ‘there was enough gunpowder to wipe half the island off the map’
    • ‘The US already has enough firepower to wipe a nation off the map and kill millions upon millions of people.’
    • ‘He exterminates his enemies and wipes whole tribes off the map.’
    • ‘More than a few times I shouted angrily and cursed the opposition as they came flying down with superior aerial units to wipe my units off the map near the 30-second mark.’
    • ‘Well, in about 30 seconds, pretty much everyone's gonna attack this place, wipe it off the map.’
    • ‘Three cities were wiped off the map in a month because of that war.’
    • ‘The war was not yet over; Britain still maintained strong garrisons in New York and Charlestown, but the only effective field army in the colonies had been wiped off the map with a few strokes from Washington and Cornwallis' pen.’
    • ‘The newsman talked about how the town of Jonesboro in the northeastern edge of the state had been wiped off the map by an F5 tornado.’
    • ‘Well, in the region where Hurricane Rita came ashore, some small rural towns were nearly wiped off the map.’
    • ‘As many as 1,000 villages and towns were either damaged or wiped off the map.’
    • ‘Some of these areas are accessible now only by helicopter because the roads were just completely wiped off the map by the earthquake.’
    get rid of, eliminate, do away with, remove, suppress