Meaning of wire-draw in English:



[with object]
  • 1Draw out (metal) into wire by passing it through a series of holes of diminishing diameter in a steel plate.

    ‘they knew how to beat tin and how to wire-draw copper’
    as noun wire-drawing ‘excavations show sophisticated iron-working technology, including wire-drawing’
    • ‘Primarily an agrarian community the town was also home to a brass foundry, an iron forge, a wire-drawing mill, and a community of cabinetmakers.’
    • ‘Neither Mittal nor his business interests - apart from a wire-drawing plant - were British.’
    prolong, protract, draw out, stretch out, drag out, string out, extend, extend the duration of, carry on, keep going, keep alive, continue
  • 2archaic Refine (an argument or idea) excessively, in such a way that it becomes strained or forced.

    ‘wire-draw the expressions and they become dull paraphrases on rich sentiments’