Meaning of wire brush in English:

wire brush

(also wire-brush)


  • 1A brush with tough wire bristles for cleaning hard surfaces.

    • ‘Use a paintbrush comb or small wire brush to clean the bristles.’
    • ‘Before you store such tools for the off season, use a wire brush to remove surface rust and dirt.’
    • ‘Your instincts are right about using a wire brush or pressure washer to clean the surface.’
    • ‘Clean away all old caulk and loose paint with a wire brush or rag.’
    • ‘Steel wool and wire brushes should not be used to clean surfaces to be finished with water repellent preservatives since small iron deposits may be left behind.’
    1. 1.1A brush with wire strands, used on cymbals to produce a soft metallic sound.
      ‘Syd began to sing the words of the song into almost silence to a background of swishing wire brushes on a snare drum.’


  • with object Clean (something) with a wire brush.

    ‘wire-brush the rusty areas until you expose bare metal’
    • ‘I have been power-washing them and wire-brushing them each year, but the problem returns in a very few months.’
    • ‘For interiors, lightly wire-brush surfaces to take off loose debris.’
    • ‘If you act now, that minimal damage can probably be wire-brushed to remove the loose, flaking paint, primed to seal and protect the wood, and painted with a top quality paint.’
    • ‘Before welding, however, the edges of sheets should be wire-brushed and degreased.’
    • ‘Brush away loose mortar and broken block; remove dirt, grease, dust and other surface contaminants; wire-brush or sandblast old paint; use a quick-dry cement to patch cracks, holes and floor/wall joints.’