Meaning of wire door in English:

wire door


  • A door with a panel of wire mesh which allows for ventilation but keeps out flying insects.

    ‘snorting some inaudible reply he left, banging the wire door behind him’
    • ‘The light filtering in through the transparent wire door and my cousin stood there looking at me.’
    • ‘The smell of insect repellent and eucalyptus and the distant constant slowly listless bang of the fly wire door.’
    • ‘On a bright, crisp day, a wire door opens and a woman emerges, blinking in the afternoon light.’
    • ‘I still have the picture in my mind right now of standing by a wire door and looking out to see Mum walking up the driveway to Tom's house.’
    • ‘She told me that several times, she heard a knock on the wire door in the kitchen, and went and saw dad was standing there smiling.’
    • ‘The wire door slammed and the night began, we drank and were together.’
    • ‘Members raised money to have gas installed in the Baby Health Centre, as well as two wire doors.’