Meaning of wire grass in English:

wire grass


mass noun
  • A grass with tough wiry stems.

    Genera Aristida and Poa, family Gramineae: several species, including the European P. compressa, which has become naturalized in North America

    ‘These types grow a bit later on in spring and have a lesser tendency toward sod-formation than English ryegrass and wire grass.’
    • ‘Dry prairie consists mainly of grass species, especially little bluestem, splitbeard bluestem, wire grass, bottlebrush threeawn, Indian grass, and slender beardgrass.’
    • ‘A century and a half ago dry prairie, covered with wire grass, carpeted much of the land from Lake Okeechobee southward, but settlers cleared the prairie and planted crops and a variety of exotic grasses.’
    • ‘If one holds a handful of dried wire grass today, the fibers seem brittle; one marvels that they ever could have been used for twine at all.’
    • ‘A considerable proportion of total forest area consists of young growth forest and regenerating clear-cut areas, which in our classification are called wire grass pastures.’