Meaning of wireman in English:



  • 1US An installer or repairer of electric wiring.

    • ‘A journeyman electrician or wireman will still be responsible for answering to the job foreman, contractor or building foreman throughout the job.’
    • ‘Under the direct supervision of journeymen wiremen, the apprentice will learn the skills associated with being an electrician.’
    • ‘Now certain companies have come into existence which employee residential wiremen to serve their customers.’
    • ‘Inside wiremen are responsible for the installation of all wires, busses, conduits, switches, converters, transformers, electric motors, and other electrical apparatus of a stationary nature.’
    • ‘A total of 786 candidates passed the competency certificate examination for supervisors and wiremen conducted in June this year by the State Board of Technical Education and Training.’
  • 2A journalist working for a news agency.

    ‘a job as a night wireman at a Toronto press agency’