Meaning of wireworm in English:



  • The wormlike larva of a click beetle. Many wireworms feed on the underground parts of plants and can cause damage to arable and other crops.

    • ‘While often corn might quickly outgrow the threat of significant pest damage, when plant growth stalled, armyworms, cutworms, wireworms, and white grubs found opportunity.’
    • ‘It appears that these seed applied insecticides and liquid insecticides will be effective in protecting seeds from seed feeding insects such as wireworms and seedcorn maggots.’
    • ‘Later in the season, wireworms will feed on plant roots and may damage developing potato tubers.’
    • ‘Although the risk of injury from seedling insects such as wireworms and seed corn maggots is reduced with a later planting, there is no post-emergence treatment for these insects.’
    • ‘More wireworms and white grubs have been observed and increased numbers of dingy cutworms, which overwinter here, are likely.’