Meaning of wirra in English:



  • An Aboriginal tool used for digging, in the form of a cup-shaped scoop traditionally made of hardwood.

    ‘their only tools are a yam-stick and a wirra’
    • ‘She felt sorry for the baby, so she gave him a wirra and said to him, "There you are Didji. Crawl under the dish; that is a good place to sleep."’
    • ‘The flowers were picked and crushed, and the nectar shaken into water in bowls made out of wirras.’
    • ‘Most of these "wirras" were cut from beefwood or corkwood trees.’
    • ‘Some of them were good and gave families jam and sugar in a wirra.’
    • ‘The women retired a few yards and the men then scraped earth with a "wira" completely covering the grave.’


Late 19th century from Western Desert language.