Meaning of wise man in English:

wise man


  • A man versed in magic, witchcraft, or astrology.

    ‘Each of the wise men had their own beliefs about the Holy Mountain and, of course, their own way of getting there.’
    • ‘They were the healers, the teachers, and the wise men and women others would turn to in times of trouble.’
    • ‘Matthew describes the three men, not as kings, but as wise men or ‘Magi’.’
    • ‘So they'd been told by wise men, who'd seen the light.’
    • ‘He calls his wise men, and he demands that they interpret the dreams.’
    prophet, prophetess, seer, sibyl, augur, wise man, wise woman, sage, oracle, prognosticator, prophesier, forecaster of the future, diviner, fortune teller, crystal gazer, clairvoyant, psychic, spiritualist, medium, palmist, palm reader