Meaning of wish book in English:

wish book


informal North American
  • A mail-order catalogue.

    • ‘I mentioned Herters and I suspect that is a name foreign to many of you, but in my youth their catalog was the wish book for all things outdoors.’
    • ‘For this and other extraordinarily desirable gear, go to my favorite wish book, the Duluth Trading Co. catalog.’
    • ‘During Thanksgiving, November 1993, I was perusing every pilot's favorite wish book, Trade-A-Plane, when I spotted an ad for a 60 percent restored Firefly!’
    • ‘Mailed wish books let Americans shop beyond their needs’
    • ‘Every Friday I check in to see if there's something new and cheap - to add to an ever-growing collection of home and garden magazines, otherwise known a ‘wish books‘.’
    brochure, prospectus, guide, magalogue, mailer