Meaning of wish someone joy in English:

wish someone joy


ironic British
  • Congratulate someone.

    ‘I wish you joy of your marriage’
    • ‘The community wish them joy, good wishes and congratulations.’
    • ‘He wouldn't dance at her wedding - had turned down the invitation - but he wished her joy.’
    • ‘I did not know what to say to Yrling, and so said simply, ‘My Lord, I wish you joy.’’
    • ‘Tomas is a very popular young man and we wish him joy and fulfilment in his ministry as a priest of the diocese.’
    • ‘So I think she is a person with an usual gift for loving kindness and forgiveness, and I wish her joy and happiness in her marriage.’
    • ‘I believe soon, Christine, we shall be wishing you joy!’
    • ‘Gallantly, then, the captain advanced and tenderly bowed to Priscilla, ‘wishing her joy of her wedding, and loudly lauding her husband.’’
    • ‘Elizabeth explains how greatly her feelings for Darcy have changed, and once her father learns of what Darcy did for Lydia, he sees that Elizabeth is serious and wishes her joy.’
    • ‘And because I am a grownup person, and very well-sorted out, I wish you joy.’
    • ‘I wish you joy on your inner journey to clarity and health.’
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