Meaning of wishfully in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwɪʃfʊli/ /ˈwɪʃf(ə)li/


See wishful

  • ‘‘Oh, coffee,’ she said wishfully, ‘I'd love a cup of coffee right now.’’
  • ‘‘Surely supper will be ready soon,’ he muttered wishfully.’
  • ‘However much he may wishfully assert that stoic silence is a noble virtue, his distress in the first instance is caused by enforced silence and its accompanying feeling of personal oblivion.’
  • ‘Josie agreed, gazing wishfully at them with her head cocked to the side.’
  • ‘They may be excusable, but they are out of touch or misled or thinking wishfully.’



/ˈwɪʃfʊli/ /ˈwɪʃf(ə)li/