Meaning of wispily in English:



See wispy

  • ‘The emphasis is on freeform melancholy: Lorson's fragile piano and Coté's slide guitar bob along wispily, unhindered by structural imperatives, and often adding up to a lot of nothing.’
  • ‘The same hair on the head of a fair scrubbed child, would sit with the stance of curls and ringlets, or blow wispily across a white neck.’
  • ‘Her black hair was tied back very loosely, which made several tendrils escape and hang wispily around her angular face.’
  • ‘As a sly wind breathed wispily beneath my collared shirt, I opened the main doors to the school and stepped inside.’
  • ‘The dark-haired girl scoffed, shaking a strand of wispily cut hair from her eyes.’