Meaning of witblits in English:



South African
  • A type of raw spirits, often one that has been illicitly distilled.

    • ‘This annual festival boasts food and craft stalls, with the main attraction being the prickly pear witblits made in a 19th century copper still.’
    • ‘Because of constitutional regulations the witblits is not sold but offered to visitors to taste.’
    • ‘We obtain our witblits from a licenced distiller who is one of the very few legal distillers in the country.’
    • ‘Here you can also taste witblits and homemade liqueurs in a warm, farmstyle environment.’
    • ‘They grew their own wheat, fruit, vegetables, tea and tobacco - and they produced their own witblits and wild-honey beer.’
    • ‘The age-old secrets of distilling witblits, a traditional local moonshine will be revealed.’
    • ‘The distillation of witblits is an age-old tradition that started in 1659 in South Africa.’


Afrikaans, from wit ‘white’ + blits ‘lightning’.