Meaning of witch doctor in English:

witch doctor


  • (among tribal peoples) a magician credited with powers of healing, divination, and protection against the magic of others.

    • ‘The shaman is a witch doctor, a dream reader, and an intermediary (go-between) between the living and the spirit world.’
    • ‘The village witch doctor or shaman would shake bones while chanting, in the hope of bringing or ending the rains.’
    • ‘Instead of concluding that the idea that illness is caused by evil spells is nonsense and that the charm is without curative power, the witch doctor explains that the charm did not work because the client did not have enough faith.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, many people refer to him as a witch doctor or a black magic man, and he was none of that.’
    • ‘The shaman, witch doctor, wise woman, apothecary, and anatomist have knowledge that has continuing validity.’
    • ‘With this situation your sister is going through, I think that an opinion from a sorceress or a witch doctor would be appreciated.’
    • ‘And then; as if some rain dancing magic had been performed by a friendly witch doctor without her knowing; the entire presentation of flame and brimstone ceased as swiftly as it had begun.’
    • ‘But his character was once a witch doctor and the show is part of the power.’
    • ‘Tribals worship spirits and are controlled by their headman who can be called a witch doctor, he said.’
    • ‘Well I really should not be calling you a witch when I am a witch doctor.’
    • ‘The witch doctor then proceeded to sponge the medicine all over the mirror, and asked the elder to look carefully at the mirror and tell him what he could see.’
    • ‘An African music student returns home and has to defeat the witch doctor who dominates his tribe and take them to healthier land.’
    • ‘Imagine living in a tribe were the Chief is superseded by the witch doctor every time there is a lack of rain or the crops are poor.’
    • ‘If you wish to avenge a wrongdoing you simply pay the local shaman or witch doctor to invoke the spirits on your behalf.’
    • ‘You got your wedding present from a witch doctor?’
    • ‘The witch doctor throws some herbs on a fire, shakes his rattle, and says, ‘I have placed a powerful spell on you, but it will only work once a year.’’
    • ‘The Milner Brothers' 1957 film From Hell It Came was the strange story of a South Sea Islands prince who is executed by a witch doctor for fraternizing with American scientists.’
    • ‘The mother of a 44-year old Danish woman is accusing the witch doctor of the death of her daughter who visited his Copenhagen clinic several times, convinced that she was cursed.’
    • ‘This was usually an amulet, or simply a piece of bone or wood, bought from the witch doctor for a couple of chickens or something similar, and supposedly endowed by him with the magic powers of warding off the ‘evil eye’.’
    • ‘There's a bunch of other fun stuff in regards to zombies, flesh-eating bugs, a bizarre recurring dream sequence, and a joke about a witch doctor, but I won't spoil it here.’
    medicine man, shaman, healer
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witch doctor