Meaning of witches' broom in English:

witches' broom


mass noun
  • Dense twiggy growth in a tree caused by infection with fungus (especially rusts), mites, or viruses.

    ‘thirty per cent of the crop is destroyed by witches' broom’
    count noun ‘those big untidy bunches of twigs called witches' brooms’
    • ‘His research includes two major goals: understanding genetic diversity of the fungus that causes witches' broom and identifying resistance to the disease.’
    • ‘The tropical climates where cacao grows best are also perfect incubators for fungal diseases like black pod, witches' broom, and frosty pod rot.’
    • ‘‘Because the two fungi are related,’ Aime says, ‘biocontrol methods now used to keep witches' broom in check may also work for frosty pod.’’
    • ‘During the past decade, Brazil's main production area in the state of Bahia has been devastated by a fungal disease called Crinipellis perniciosa, or witches' broom.’
    • ‘Diseases such as witches' broom, (which leaves pods brown and dry) and black pod (a cousin of potato blight) thrive in the humid climate of the rainforest.’
    • ‘The audience (read: book fan) is immersed in a fabulous-looking magical world full of goblin bank tellers, super fast witches' brooms and ghosts that show up in the soup.’