Meaning of witchweed in English:



mass noun
  • A small parasitic plant which attaches itself to the roots of other plants. Native to the Old World tropics and southern Africa, it can cause serious damage to crops such as maize and sugar.

    Genus Striga, family Scrophulariaceae

    • ‘In Africa, sorghum, millet and maize production can be reduced by as much as 70% by a parasitic weed called witchweed or striga.’
    • ‘I am no expert on those sorts of things nor on witchweed, snakeweed, and butterbur.’
    • ‘Additionally, the project has shown the potential for using fungal pathogens to control other African weeds, including speargrass and witchweed.’
    • ‘The experiments indicate that a low-dose herbicide seed coating on resistant corn can increase yields up to four-fold in fields highly infested with witchweed.’