Meaning of witenagemot in English:



  • An Anglo-Saxon national council or parliament.

    • ‘The witenagemot chose Harold, earl of Wessex, although his only claim to the throne was his availability.’
    • ‘The last act of the witenagemot in England was to choose Harold, Earl of Wessex, as King in 1066, a fatal choice.’
    • ‘Since Moholland is back at base in Norfolk, the witenagemot will try to have it delivered by an important person drawn from the field of politics.’
    • ‘That many of these localities were the sites of regal residences may be inferred from historical evidence which records them as selected for synods, councils, and witenagemots.’
    • ‘A witenagemot was held here in 934.’
    • ‘"A superstition, as it's name imports, is something that has been left over, like unfinished business, from one session of the world's witenagemot to the next."’


Old English, from witena, genitive plural of wita ‘wise man’ + gemōt ‘meeting’ (compare with moot).