Meaning of with-profits in English:



  • (of an insurance policy) allowing the holder to receive a share of the profits made by the company, typically in the form of a bonus.

    • ‘The shares will be distributed to all holders of a with-profits insurance policy at the time of listing.’
    • ‘In addition to scrapping its mortgage promise, it announced changes to the way it is to pay bonuses to its with-profits customers.’
    • ‘In cashing in the policy you will miss out on the terminal bonus, which in the past has made up a major proportion of maturity value of with-profits policies.’
    • ‘Some insurers are imposing these on savers in with-profits policies such as endowments and bonds, to prevent them from cashing them in early.’
    • ‘This is grim news for its 2.3 million policyholders with mortgage endowments, personal pensions and with-profits bonds.’
    • ‘As part of its understanding pensions series, BBC News Online provides an introduction to with-profits pensions.’
    • ‘The decision means that about one million holders of with-profits policies are unlikely to receive annual bonuses in respect of 2002.’
    • ‘Industry sources say it has never happened in Ireland that a with-profits provider has not awarded a terminal bonus.’
    • ‘The endowment mortgages, with-profits funds and private pensions on which people staked their futures are a national scandal.’
    • ‘In addition, it is a mutual company and profits, if realised from its other businesses, are paid into the with-profits fund.’
    • ‘The problem for with-profits bond holders, as opposed to those with equity holdings, arises when they want to get at their money.’
    • ‘The compensation would go into the with-profits fund, which policyholders could expect to have distributed among them.’
    • ‘It's reckoned that twenty million of us have a with-profits policy, whether through an endowment mortgage or a pension plan.’
    • ‘However, bonuses on with-profits funds have been falling, which means your payouts could tumble.’
    • ‘This process is called ‘smoothing’ and it's supposedly the big selling point for with-profits products.’
    • ‘It is also the first provider to offer a with-profits investment option.’
    • ‘Your money is invested in a with-profits fund, which invests in a spread of shares, bonds and other assets.’
    • ‘Traditionally with-profits bonds are seen as long-term investments of about 10 years.’
    • ‘Bonus rates on its with-profits bond have also been cut.’
    • ‘It is unusual to see a with-profits bonus announcement that's not littered with bad news for policyholders.’