Significado de with a bang en en Inglés

with a bang


  • 1Abruptly.

    ‘the remark brought me down to earth with a bang’
    • ‘After last week's great win over Camlough Rovers, Bessbrook United were brought down to earth with a bang when Kilkeel Athletic held them to a 3-3 draw.’
    • ‘Luckily, London has a canny knack of bringing you back down to earth with a bang and ensuring you don't get unbearably maudlin - take, for instance, yesterday's weepy moment.’
    • ‘RI's title rivals, Malton and Norton, fell to earth with a bang following the euphoria they enjoyed after their Tetley's Bitter Vase semi-final win last week.’
    • ‘Weybridge golfer Paul Casey, ranked 29th in the world, came down to earth with a bang in the Open last week when he failed to make the cut for the final two rounds.’
    • ‘I will always remember the 1990s as the decade in which the mythologicals came down to earth with a bang.’
    • ‘Fifty five years is a long time to wait for a repeat and both men are confident that this mighty English team can be brought down to earth with a bang on Sunday.’
    • ‘He certainly brought Frenchman Sebastien Grosjean down to earth with a bang in the semi-finals.’
    • ‘We have paid the penalty for not being prepared and we have been brought down to earth with a bang.’
    • ‘Next up was Arsenal and we were brought back down to earth with a bang and a 2-1 defeat.’
    • ‘‘We've come right back down to earth with a bang,’ he said.’
    • ‘And who knows, if we have another extended bout of irrational exuberance, how high the shares might climb before coming back to earth with a bang?’
    • ‘Now, that bought me back down to earth with a bang.’
    • ‘It's back down to Earth with a bang for the Performance Workshop's latest production, however.’
    • ‘An exuberant Mozilla Foundation has been brought back down to earth with a bang by the world's internet organisations.’
    • ‘However, he failed to impress Bobby Williamson sufficiently, returning to earth with a bang.’
    • ‘In a season when British Athletics crashed back to earth with a bang after the successes of Sydney, she was one of the few to illuminate a disappointing year.’
    • ‘Bypassing Byzantine state restrictions would open up competition with a bang… and most certainly lead to dramatic reductions in insurance costs.’
    • ‘He was dumped like hot potato after his first film flopped but he came with a bang with ‘Chandni Bar’ and established himself with ‘Satta’.’
    • ‘Ms Del Duca left with a bang, accusing council of ‘staff problems’ and ‘citizens still not getting the service’.’
  • 2Successfully or impressively.

    ‘the occasion went with a bang’
    • ‘‘The Magic of Chemistry’ performance led by Malcolm Armstrong was put on for year seven and eight pupils at Castle View School and literally went with a bang.’
    • ‘Tony Sullivan made sure Lancashire Day went with a bang in the county capital with a late, late FA Trophy winner against Bromsgrove.’
    • ‘Nick Warren, owner of Big Nick's Karaoke, waived his normal £200 fee to ensure the party went with a bang.’
    • ‘Their July wedding at St Barnabas's Church went with a bang, despite suffering a few rather unusual hitches.’
    • ‘A trip to the Isle Of Wight went with a bang - literally - for dozens of pensioners.’
    • ‘Four hundred years after the Gunpowder Plot, Mr Fawkes' election night hardly went with a bang.’
    • ‘Their promise to make good on leaving the NAIA with a bang hinges upon success in these games.’
    • ‘A3, as the album is otherwise known, has hit the stands with a bang after packaging it with ‘catchy’ music and endorsement by the superstar, says the company.’
    • ‘The political year 2003/2004 ended with a bang.’
    • ‘In his last post of our week-long debate on the supposed ‘Constitution in Exile’ movement, Cass Sunstein goes out with a bang.’
    • ‘‘Pinafore’ proved that Ballina is back with a bang on the light operatic scene and that its exile has in no way resulted in a general diminution of talent.’
    • ‘After starting the season with a bang and matching the club's record start, Saturday's dismissal of Richard Hope saw City equal another record, this time for the number of red cards in a campaign.’
    • ‘That will set us up nicely for next year and we can start next season with a bang.’
    • ‘The final of the Buster Under-19 basketball championship ended this year's Inter-Secondary School Sports program with a bang!’
    • ‘But after two years of disappointing cancellations, due to the foot and mouth outbreak and access problems, organisers wanted to attract as many people as possible to make it go with a bang.’
    • ‘Fence has launched a book series, and done it with a bang - two forceful choices that come out of different worlds in different tones and at different speeds.’
    • ‘A huge group of audience members were invited on the stage to ‘get down’ while the ladies went out with a bang in the final show of their very first headlining tour.’
    • ‘It was Motherless Brooklyn, Lethem's fifth novel in as many years, that finally landed him back in the old neighborhood, with a bang that woke the literary world.’
    • ‘The 2004 Chelmsford Spectacular started and finished with a bang, with chart toppers The Sugababes headlining the opening night of the annual event.’