Meaning of with a difference in English:

with a difference

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  • Having a new or unusual feature or treatment.

    ‘a fashion show with a difference’
    • ‘I believe the next exhibition will feature kids art presented with a difference.’
    • ‘This is fun fashion with a difference, with categories on cartoon characters.’
    • ‘It's a fashion parade with a difference, where the garments are everyday psychoses.’
    • ‘For an autumn break with a difference, head for the Faroe Islands.’
    • ‘He is back with more songs, a new outlook and a band with a difference.’
    • ‘It's a racing game with a difference; the first to take advantage of inter-platform dependence.’
    • ‘Nineteen Bolton teenagers are set for a school trip with a difference - delivering aid in Africa.’
    • ‘Yes, this one indeed promises to be a pottery exhibition with a difference.’
    • ‘The organisers are looking for volunteer men who will dress in drag for a Beauty Pageant with a difference.’
    • ‘Guests are always more than welcome, so if you do feel like an evening out with a difference, do come along and join us.’