Meaning of with a will in English:

with a will


  • Energetically and resolutely.

    • ‘On the following day conditions were better and everyone set about striking camp with a will.’
    • ‘All had their parts to play and they did it with a will.’
    • ‘Paul stops scanning the banks for signs of wildlife and paddles with a will.’
    • ‘But they battled with a will and defended sensibly to deny them a clear-cut opportunity.’
    • ‘Then with a will, he forced himself to his feet and ran off.’
    • ‘His stomach snarled as he tore into it with a will.’
    • ‘It's easy work here on the flat, and he sets to with a will.’
    • ‘He pulled down the overhead screen with a will and set up his visual.’
    • ‘He found him eventually and saw them fighting, both hating each other with a fiery passion and both with a will.’
    • ‘The brothers ate and drank with a will, and joked quietly between bites and gulps.’