Meaning of with all guns blazing in English:

with all guns blazing


  • With great but reckless determination and energy.

    ‘they went for him with all guns blazing’
    • ‘In his current incarnation, Henman is determined to go down with all guns blazing.’
    • ‘We are not going to go in all guns blazing and say, take it or leave it.’
    • ‘With a very lackluster record of past accomplishment, Lam roared into town with guns blazing.’
    • ‘Well, the problem is they have gone in in some cases with guns blazing.’
    • ‘It's time we go to war against decrepitude with guns blazing.’
    • ‘The first thing to remember is that most men are not used to women flirting with them and if you go in all guns blazing, they will run away like a sprinter at the Olympics.’
    • ‘Then it was the drum ‘n’ bass crew's turn, with their champion Packer coming out guns blazing.’
    • ‘I keep going at it with guns blazing, but I do wonder if my mock-buffoonery is just a cover to deflect accusations of real buffoonery.’
    • ‘If Jackson's camp, operating from a hotel in Las Vegas, has come out with guns blazing, the prosecution remains convinced it has a firm case.’
    • ‘There is consensus that it is preferable for one to go down with his guns blazing.’
    • ‘His ‘better to be right and lose than wrong and win’ philosophy is the watchword of a man determined that if he is to go down, then he'll do so with all guns blazing.’
    • ‘With everything I've done I've had to be guns blazing.’
    • ‘I'm sure they've taken that on board and they'll come out with all guns blazing.’
    • ‘Brian will now have a high profile say in the council chamber while Oxford graduate Andy will be one of the national decision makers on crime and will be able to go in to Parliament all guns blazing for Leigh.’
    • ‘Both teams will be fired up, and we expect Limerick to go into the game the same way they did against Cork - with all guns blazing.’
    • ‘Again working with their long time friend and producer, the band embarked upon the recording of their album with all guns blazing, spending only a couple of weeks laying down the tracks.’
    • ‘Brazil came out with all guns blazing and, as Scotland wilted in 90-degree heat, the fab four overran the dark-blue shirts with a masterful display of control, flair and power.’
    • ‘‘The Stones were looking forward to opening in the UK - for their hometown audience - with all guns blazing,’ said Michael Cohl.’
    • ‘Whilst it is widely acknowledged that musicals need to be scrapped per se, I have been advised (appropriately, I believe) not to launch myself onto such a minefield with all guns blazing.’
    • ‘But once they pick their target, they are likely to go in with guns blazing - and to expect their allies to give full approval.’