Meaning of with effect from in English:

with effect from


  • Starting from (a specified date)

    ‘he resigned with effect from 1 June’
    ‘the company said yesterday it would lay off all staff with immediate effect’
    • ‘The ordinance says the amendment shall be deemed to have come into force with effect from October 15, 1964.’
    • ‘Chandigarh became the first smokefree city of India by implementing the Central Tobacco Control Act with effect from July 15, 2007.’
    • ‘In the first phase, four Assistant Directors have been appointed to new roles, with effect from 1 July 2007.’
    • ‘Balancing adjustments or recalculation of writing down allowances on a balancing event are withdrawn with effect from Budget Day.’
    • ‘He was sentenced to three months imprisonment with hard labour with effect from November 15 last year.’
    • ‘With effect from 9 May the movement of cattle from feed lots will also be permitted subject to compliance with a similar protocol.’
    • ‘With effect from December 1980, he was allowed freedom, unescorted, in the hospital grounds for two hours a day.’
    • ‘With effect from 30 November 2001 their current internet service will no longer be available.’
    • ‘The Minister announced that with effect from May 11, individuals could be allowed access to land for recreational activities.’
    • ‘With effect from July 30, rates of payment for those applications under the Welfare Disposal Scheme have been considerably lowered.’