Meaning of with effort in English:

with effort


  • With physical difficulty.

    ‘‘It's bad, sir,’ he said, controlling his voice with effort’
    • ‘She gave a hard suck for emphasis, her pale cheeks pink with effort.’
    • ‘Sally takes a deep breath, shuddering with effort.’
    • ‘Marcos tries to speak, his throat swells with effort.’
    • ‘What Alstott lacks in breakaway speed, he makes up for with effort.’
    • ‘Practice is something you do consciously, something you do with effort.’
    • ‘Flushed with effort, gesticulating for emphasis, Healey dove for opportunities to drive her message home last night.’
    • ‘With effort, I drag the kayak into the water.’
    • ‘With effort, speakers of the two dialects can understand each other's pronunciation, much the way Portuguese can comprehend Spanish.’
    • ‘If it were gained through patience, with effort, and struggle, then it would be called knowledge.’
    • ‘It all starts with effort and it all starts with belief.’
    with difficulty, after a struggle, with a struggle, painfully, arduously, laboriously, hard
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