Meaning of with interest in English:

with interest


  • 1With interest charged or paid.

    ‘loans that must be paid back with interest’
    • ‘A chastened Black has promised that the money will be paid back with interest, but that is hardly the point.’
    • ‘Now the loan will be repayable from the fourth year over a period of 22 years with interest.’
    • ‘It is believed that the loan that was made available through Austin was repaid with interest.’
    • ‘It's not rocket science; if you borrow money, you have to pay it back with interest.’
    • ‘Someone lends you half a billion interest free and you then loan it on with interest.’
    • ‘They want equity from you and they also want to see you have the income to pay back the loan with interest.’
    • ‘The money will be repaid, with interest and royalties, if the A350 is a success.’
    1. 1.1(of an action) reciprocated with more force or vigour than the original one.
      ‘she returned his look with interest’
      • ‘Any wayward kicking will be returned with interest by the English back three.’
      • ‘Every time Currie threw something at County it was returned with interest.’
      • ‘At fullback Barry Daniels returned the ball with interest on numerous storming gallops up field.’
      • ‘She kissed him and he stopped his protests, returning her advances with interest.’
      • ‘The re-start was returned to touch with interest by Binns and a scrum given.’
      • ‘He has a huge serve and a nasty habit of returning with interest, but he is least at home on grass.’