Meaning of with knobs on in English:

with knobs on

(also with brass knobs on)


  • 1British informal And something more.

    • ‘it is the rock 'n' roll statement with knobs on’
    • ‘Rifkind said: ‘This confirms our worst fears with knobs on.’’
    • ‘Romina said: ‘I thought the first time she developed a tumour was hell but when it came back it was hell with knobs on.’’
    • ‘This is Russian late-Romanticism with knobs on, grandiose choral and orchestral effects with the occasional touch of harmonic spice, that seem to belong more in some Hollywood epic than a concert hall.’
    • ‘On the other hand there's an eclipse today, which my friend Annie says is like a full moon with knobs on, so maybe we are all a bit twitchy and my own private meltdown will go unnoticed amongst everybody else's.’
    • ‘It was a full catholic affair with knobs on, including numerous hymns and several recitations of the Lord's prayer and interminable Hail Marys.’
    • ‘The drawback with extended warranties is that they tend not to be worth the paper they're written on and in this case I fear that applies with knobs on!’
    • ‘I think this is best described as shooting yourself in the foot, with knobs on!’
    • ‘Squander Two has an amusing article about British customer service. Everything he says is true with knobs on.’
    • ‘Still, if a referee is going to fall for that kind of prima-donnish behaviour you might as well give it to him with knobs on!’
    • ‘Super Mario Sunshine is basically Mario 64 with knobs on.’
    • ‘In other words, independence ceases to be a big bang and becomes devolution with knobs on, an incremental process by which the existing Scottish parliament extends its powers.’
    1. 1.1Used as a way of returning and intensifying an insult.
      ‘‘Lazy tyke!’ ‘Lazy yourself with brass knobs on!’’
      • ‘When I was a small boy myself, oh, vast numbers of years ago, it was the practice to respond to any bully's insult with a bold yell of ‘Same to you, with knobs on!’’
      • ‘So Keir, if you're reading - we had a really great night out so, you know, in your face with knobs on.’