Meaning of with luck in English:

with luck

(also with any luck)


  • Expressing the hope that something will happen in the way described.

    ‘with luck we should be there in time for breakfast’
    • ‘Well, with any luck, I hope they would prepare for paternity leave, actually.’
    • ‘So there you have it, dear reader, our first expedition to Germany, Austria and Italy, and, with a bit of luck, hopefully not our last!’
    • ‘Hopefully, with a bit of luck and by staying injury-free, I can do that as well.’
    • ‘I was hoping for it this morning, but with luck it'll arrive tomorrow.’
    • ‘It is a project that will, with luck, focus the energies and hopes of an entire nation.’
    • ‘She wouldn't be able to ask any questions, and with any luck, she would hopefully give it all up as a dream.’
    • ‘Probably neither comparison is fair; with luck, Miles' book will provide an intelligent alternative.’
    • ‘Oh well with luck I wont be at the office too long.’
    • ‘Maybe I'll get some editing work in this evening with luck.’
    • ‘And with luck I may get those days at some point in May.’