Meaning of with open arms in English:

with open arms


  • With great affection or enthusiasm.

    ‘schools have welcomed such arrangements with open arms’
    • ‘Stars support exiting team members and welcome new members with open arms and enthusiasm.’
    • ‘No, I will continue on this path, and I will go where it takes me with open arms and an open mind.’
    • ‘With their friendly disposition and infectious enthusiasm, the lads are welcomed with open arms by locals of all ages.’
    • ‘Lot welcomes the strangers with open arms, as is customary for the times.’
    • ‘They were welcomed with open arms by the local prince and his subjects.’
    • ‘Councillor Latty welcomed the original application with open arms.’
    • ‘There are those who welcome them with open arms and others who pretend they have to go somewhere five minutes before the doorbell rings.’
    • ‘The community, seeing the whole affair as a great miscarriage of justice, will welcome them back with open arms.’
    • ‘The small villages away from the coast are resplendent with tapas bars and cafés that will welcome families with open arms.’
    • ‘Neighbour Chris did not say as much, but gave the impression that not everybody in the area had welcomed the new arrival with open arms.’
    • ‘People of his class and calibre would be welcomed with open arms in any, and every, other county in the country.’
    • ‘As a member of the executive of Athletics Ireland, I welcome this development with open arms.’
    • ‘However some of those who have ventured into the countryside say they have not exactly been welcomed with open arms.’
    • ‘And if there is one place that can welcome them with open arms, it is the church.’
    • ‘The South Americans are also sending over their footballers and the Spaniards are welcoming them with open arms.’
    • ‘Anyone who can walk for the Club on this occasion and help raise much needed funds will be welcomed with open arms.’
    • ‘Although many tourists were trying to leave, those that chose to stay were welcomed with open arms.’
    • ‘In 1969, when it arrived in East Kilbride, the company was welcomed with open arms.’
    • ‘The team of volunteers are a friendly bunch, and they would welcome any new helpers with open arms.’
    • ‘The people of Canada are great travellers who, in most cases, are welcomed with open arms wherever they go.’