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with pleasure

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  • Gladly (used to express polite agreement or acceptance)

    ‘‘Would you mind telling me how far it is to this address?’ ‘With pleasure.’’
    • ‘I was flattered and somewhat surprised, but accepted with pleasure.’
    • ‘He was in fact the worker of extraordinary things, the teacher of men who accept the truth with pleasure.’
    • ‘In front of the goals, Malcolm Ross accepted the ball with pleasure and he scored seven goals.’
    • ‘The members of the Orpington Friendship Club often look forward with pleasure to the various talks offered during the year.’
    • ‘They could have the table with pleasure - in return for a signed photo for his friend Mike.’
    • ‘I always knew that what I did was putting me in real danger, but I did it with pleasure.’
    • ‘He was in marvellous form, I noted with pleasure, and he had no intention of staying in bed.’
    • ‘I have been seeking a call for some time, and it is with pleasure that I rise to speak against Part 2.’
    • ‘It is with pleasure that I make a contribution on Part 1 of the Supreme Court Bill.’
    gladly, willingly, happily, readily, cheerfully, by all means, of course
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