Meaning of with regard to in English:

with regard to

(also in regard to, having regard to)


  • As concerns; in respect of.

    ‘he made enquiries with regard to Beth’
    • ‘It appears that they have had little or no support in regard to either their professional or personal concerns.’
    • ‘Moreover, so far as Child 2 was concerned, having regard to the terms of what she had said, no action was taken at the time.’
    • ‘Such installations are giving rise to some concern, especially having regard to the sums needed to rectify the defects.’
    • ‘I would like to make two applications, one in regard to this proceeding here and one in regard to the public inquiry.’
    • ‘People's preferences in regard to how they keep in touch are undergoing a gradual change.’
    • ‘Waite is said to have consulted a media lawyer with regard to this matter.’
    • ‘With regard to a matter raised by Mr Hide, he is exactly correct.’
    • ‘With regard to internalizing spectrum behavioral problems, many of these children with a history of foster care placement demonstrate resilience.’
    • ‘In regard to treatment, the only real option Western Medicine offers is intervention with early educational programs.’
    • ‘With regard to urban illness and death in winter, prevention is directed at around 50000 excess deaths that still occur annually in Britain in cold weather.’
    regarding, concerning, as regards, in regard to, with respect to, in respect of, with reference to, relating to, respecting, as for, as to, re, about, apropos, on the subject of, in connection with
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