Meaning of withdrawing room in English:

withdrawing room


archaic term for drawing room
  • ‘In fact, Thoreau even has a withdrawing room - instead of a drawing room - in the pine forest behind his house that has infinitely more space.’
  • ‘And now she sat in the withdrawing room, listening to Lorraine chatter on while the blood in her temples pounded painfully.’
  • ‘Miss Howitt whispered in the dowager's ear and went off to find the ladies' withdrawing room.’
  • ‘At Little Moreton William Moreton employed the carpenter Richard Dale to add turret-like bay windows (dated in carved inscriptions 1559) to the hall and withdrawing room of a mid-C15 timber-framed house.’
  • ‘Conceptually, Nicholas Bacon's Long Gallery looks much like Montaigne's library - a textualized withdrawing room that figures its builder's social and private character.’