Meaning of withdrawn in English:


Pronunciation /wɪðˈdrɔːn/

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  • Not wanting to communicate with other people.

    ‘when her husband died she became very withdrawn’
    • ‘The child becomes withdrawn or aggressive, a major swing from what they were previously.’
    • ‘Neglected children may be very withdrawn or very aggressive, and can develop health problems or have difficulty coping in school.’
    • ‘Patients described as upbeat and sociable or strong and courageous were more likely to be admitted than patients described as sad and withdrawn or anxious and discouraged.’
    • ‘Wilner saw him changed by the hunger strike from a happy, outgoing, strongly pro-American young man to a withdrawn, cadaverous, weak figure.’
    • ‘At times she became profoundly withdrawn and totally uncommunicative; at other times she was wildly excited, violent, and destructive.’
    • ‘He also says that the Claimant became withdrawn and anti-social.’
    • ‘He was a normal child, if rather withdrawn, who, from his early teens, was powerfully attracted to orthodox Islam.’
    • ‘He's become so withdrawn and distant that he feels like a stranger.’
    • ‘My selfish desires had led me into betraying this withdrawn and deeply religious family.’
    • ‘When we went back to the barn the reticent band of withdrawn British people had become excited and chatty.’
    • ‘Still, the closeted personality of the man was a direct outgrowth of the withdrawn boy.’
    • ‘While he was there she died and after that he became very withdrawn.’
    • ‘He became extremely withdrawn and after working with computers all day would spend his nights alone with the one he had at home.’
    • ‘While his peers were busy making mischief and thinking about the opposite sex, he became withdrawn.’
    • ‘If he lost or played badly, he would become so withdrawn and quiet that his parents worried a great deal about him.’
    • ‘He remained quiet and seemed withdrawn into his shell.’
    • ‘She was quiet and withdrawn from a lot of people.’
    • ‘Like children with autism, as the monkeys grew, they became increasingly withdrawn and avoided social contact.’
    • ‘"He just got more and more withdrawn, " says Seaton.’
    • ‘Conall had become more withdrawn and distant, and she had been at school for nine years.’
    introverted, inward-looking, unsociable, socially inhibited
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