Meaning of wither on the vine in English:

wither on the vine


  • Fail to be implemented or dealt with because of inaction.

    ‘that resolution clearly withered on the vine’
    • ‘‘Talks have gone dead after the company looked at its figures again, and the deal has withered on the vine,’ said Mr Robinson.’
    • ‘The other route would see the fruits of eight years of growth wither on the vine through inaction and lack of imagination.’
    • ‘With the fruit withering on the vine, word came that a deal was being cut between Habbibi and Dostum.’
    • ‘And despite this summer's favorable Supreme Court ruling, school vouchers remain a scholastic Schindler's List - rescuing children one at a time while an entire generation of abandoned kids withers on the vine.’
    • ‘The objectionable institution of an advisory board is an appendage to a funding bill necessary to keep the underfunded Middle Eastern Studies programs from withering on the vine.’
    • ‘We have two great resources withering on the vine just at a time when the world is desperate to see if we can be as resourceful as the people who are perceived to be inundating us.’
    • ‘It will mean the withering on the vine of Tory opposition to UK membership of the euro.’
    • ‘It was the second phase of a development of the Coniston estate, and although the first phase, which included a 40 bedroom hotel, was swiftly completed, the golf course plan appears to have withered on the vine.’
    • ‘Other small live music venues just withered on the vine.’
    • ‘There was a danger they could have withered on the vine.’