Meaning of withholder in English:



See withhold

‘‘We are encouraged by the news of Sony's participation, having historically been one of the more notorious withholders of content,’ said David Lee Smith, an analyst with Dain Rauscher Wessels, in a research report.’
  • ‘Large withholders need to disclose on the form the total of salary, wages and other payments.’
  • ‘The deposit of Article 23 income tax is carried out by a withholder not later than the 10th day of the ensuing month’
  • ‘Mark Darcy is an emotional withholder to a degree which verges on the sadistic.’
  • ‘Large withholders are required to remit withholdings on a weekly basis.’
  • ‘Small withholders, who have a total annual withholding of $25,000 or less, are required to pay withheld amounts quarterly.’
  • ‘Is Article 111 of the Income Tax Act constitutional in stipulating a sanction against tax withholders for violating their legal obligations?’
  • ‘These withholders contend the current system of church governance is unjust and that to change it one must engage in a political struggle for control.’
  • ‘Employers and other withholders must begin using the new version of the form on or before January 1, 2007 for all new employees and payees and all employees and payees who make any changes to their withholding.’
  • ‘A further objective is to encourage withholders who cannot remit deductions by the due dates to notify us of the existence of liabilities.’