Meaning of within cooee in English:

within cooee


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Within reach; near.

    ‘there's loads of cheap accommodation within cooee of the airport’
    • ‘But only on condition that we get ourselves another flag; Australian beef would surely flop if we let our present flag appear ‘anywhere within cooee of even a sliver of Australian beef jerky’.’
    • ‘‘To sustain their argument of no loss of open space the Health Department claims any land within cooee of any buildings at present is not open space,’ she said.’
    • ‘Suffice it to say, if Helen or Winston didn't rate a particular candidate, that person would not get within cooee of the top 40.’
    • ‘It allowed passengers to come into the country without being in sight of a detector dog and without being within cooee of a soft-tissue X-ray machine.’
    • ‘Many of those millions of dollars have been spent on programmes before this television service has even come within cooee of going to air.’