Meaning of within hail in English:

within hail


  • At a distance within which someone may be called to; within earshot.

    ‘the line keeps within hail of the River Dee’
    • ‘If upon the ocean, would any passing vessel be within hail to rescue them from their critical position?’
    • ‘After finishing, a yacht shall come within hail of the Committee for instructions as to possible inspection.’
    • ‘Come within hail for verbal instructions or follow the official boat displaying Code Flag ‘L'.’
    • ‘The only place where that incipient panic is not usual is the front line, because there the enemy is within hail and is known to be another unlucky fool.’
    • ‘The Race Committee shall fly flag ‘L', which means ‘come within hail or follow this boat’, and then locate the starting area, where the Race Committee believes the best wind conditions are.’