Meaning of within reach in English:

within reach

(also in reach)


  • 1Inside the distance to which someone can stretch out their hand.

    • ‘After one particularly long submersion, Blair spotted a log stretched out across the river just within reach of his outstretched hands.’
    • ‘She sat at her old desk, and we arranged things within reach and tried to keep the most frequently used items close to the seating position.’
    • ‘I pulled my chair even closer to the desk so I was in reach of the pen and paper along with the notes.’
    • ‘I tried to stand back up, but only managed to move just within reach of the latch.’
    1. 1.1Inside a distance that can be travelled.
      ‘a 1930s semi within easy reach of the town centre’
      • ‘However, most simply prefer the calm atmosphere which now pervades the town and its convenient location within reach of some of the Lake District's more peaceful and harder-to-reach lakes and mountains.’
    2. 1.2Within the capacity of someone to attain or achieve something.
      ‘the arrangement is well within the reach of the average dancer’
      • ‘Improvement is always within reach and always attainable.’
      • ‘For some uncanny reason, the moments at which you stumble are those when you are within reach of attaining some long-sought goal.’
      • ‘The affordability, and quality of digital video and sophisticated postproduction systems put these possibilities well within reach.’
      • ‘Performance is manageable and success is within reach.’
      • ‘They saw school achievement as within reach if they put forth the necessary effort, and they were willing to make good grades a primary goal.’
      • ‘But accelerated progress is possible, and lies within reach.’
      • ‘A club that has always boasted potential is now a club who are within reach of their first Senior Championship crown in 29 years.’
      • ‘I'm a writer because I find literature exhilarating, and because the possibility of writing something beautiful seems almost within reach.’
      • ‘With no damage to his mind or his hands, he knew practicing pediatric medicine was still within reach.’
      • ‘The £18 million public-private partnership will provide 250 low-cost homes to rent, bringing properties within reach of tenants on low incomes.’
      achievable, obtainable, accessible, within reach, at hand, reachable, winnable, securable, realizable