Meaning of without a murmur in English:

without a murmur


  • Without complaining.

    ‘he paid for the meal without a murmur’
    • ‘I was now ready to bear whatever might ensue without a murmur.’
    • ‘Many would have expected the matter to have been discussed at last month's county board meeting but it was passed over by delegates without a murmur, with the post left vacant.’
    • ‘Sure, I had to empty the hopper rather more frequently, and ended up with two sacks of cuttings rather than one, but the mower handled the job of cutting two week's growth without a murmur.’
    • ‘And in both airports, the Swiss army knife on my keychain in my purse went through without a murmur.’
    • ‘Without mum to say they won't eat potatoes they will probably do what you suggest without a murmur.’
    • ‘This deal would have gone through without a murmur if we hadn't fought back.’
    • ‘When Antoninus died on 7 March 161, Marcus Aurelius succeeded without a murmur from either the army or the Senate.’
    • ‘She was punctual and would work overtime without a murmur.’
    • ‘Marjorie seems to accept the new arrangement without a murmur.’
    • ‘The teacher was Ok, though, and she accepted my excuse of being lost without a murmur.’