Meaning of without cease in English:

without cease


  • Without stopping.

    ‘the bells rang without cease’
    • ‘They ended a civil war which had raged almost without cease since before independence from Portugal in 1975.’
    • ‘God must love me awfully for he chasteneth me without cease.’
    • ‘They will have to be watched very closely and without cease.’
    • ‘So as not to feel Time's horrible burden which breaks your shoulders and bows you down, you must get drunk without cease.’
    • ‘She has a very quiet voice, and it was only due to the extreme stillness of the night combined with the fact that she was mewing without cease that I heard her at all.’
    • ‘Stratigraphy reveals that throughout the Phanerozoic there has been an unceasing movement of the strand line of the sea: transgression has followed regression without cease.’
    • ‘Even though he likely regrets the letter, it was probably written with at least some truth, and he will wonder without cease if you don't tell him something!’
    • ‘During this period fire and water had a war; fires rushed throughout the land without cease and oceans rose and flooded everything else.’
    • ‘In his Political Testament he advocated negotiations ‘everywhere without cease, openly and secretly’.’
    • ‘It becomes tempting to skim over them, appearing as they do one after another without cease.’
    continuously, incessantly, unendingly, unremittingly, without cessation, without let-up, without stopping, without a break, without a pause, on and on, time without end
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