Meaning of without ceremony in English:

without ceremony


  • Without preamble or politeness.

    ‘he was pushed without ceremony into the bathroom’
    • ‘The young Light Lord interrupted, without ceremony or pretense of politeness.’
    • ‘It speaks volumes about how the government can subtly and easily disarm anyone in the media, shut them down without ceremony, no matter who you are, or which government you are talking about, or which war you are talking about.’
    • ‘In fact, whenever I clip the box hedges in summer, I stick a dozen clippings without ceremony in what used to be the children's sand-pit and, almost without exception, they quickly form roots.’
    • ‘Lord Godfrey Macdonald of Macdonald is the 34th high chief of Clan Donald, but he is completely without ceremony and makes a point of going round the tables at dinner and greeting every one of his guests.’
    • ‘However, the Big Easy is fickle, and if it doesn't take to you right away, you will receive your eviction notice without ceremony.’
    • ‘Out, without ceremony, went the much vilified Christine Gwyther.’
    • ‘I glued the hard wire leads to the dots on my freshly-printed Pattern and hit the On switch without ceremony.’
    • ‘The judge would, of course, be perfectly entitled to dismiss the second application without ceremony unless it could be speedily and categorically demonstrated that the new material was indeed conclusive of the case.’
    • ‘For many people, contemporary picnics involve an element of simplicity, where uncomplicated food such as hard-boiled eggs, sandwiches, pieces of cold chicken are eaten without ceremony.’
    • ‘With a bottle, or box, of non-vintage champagne under the stairs, most households will also need a rock-bottom priced fizz that can be cracked open without ceremony for parties and family gatherings.’