Meaning of without end in English:

without end


  • Without a limit or boundary.

    ‘a war without end’
    • ‘The appalling realities seem to continue without end.’
    • ‘The words it spoke were without beginning and without end, an eternal toll.’
    • ‘There is noise, disturbance, pollution, and traffic without end - a habitat that only Homo sapiens can endure.’
    • ‘But work without end spells less time for study.’
    • ‘And to find it, you need love and courage without end.’
    • ‘But war without end is not a policy; it's asking for trouble.’
    • ‘No other land is in sight, only an ocean without end.’
    • ‘Sadly, the Fire Brigades Union seem to have talked, and walked, themselves into a series of strikes without end.’
    • ‘It has three times reduced taxes - mostly on the rich - careening the federal budget from a surplus to a deficit without end.’
    • ‘We will be marching and attending rallies without end unless there is a significant and profound change in American life and policy.’
    unlimited, limitless, infinite, inexhaustible, boundless, unbounded, untold, immeasurable, measureless, incalculable, inestimable
    continuous, unbroken, uninterrupted, never-ending, without end, non-stop