Meaning of without exception in English:

without exception


  • With no one or nothing excluded.

    ‘almost without exception, all the residents are opposed to this vandalism’
    • ‘All of what he says about Derrida's thought is, without exception, false.’
    • ‘Everyone is exceptionally polite, and everyone seems to speak English, without exception very good English.’
    • ‘If one whole side on any issue chooses almost without exception to remain silent then the discussion simply doesn't take place.’
    • ‘And last week the flag belonged to all New York, without exception, irrespective of colour, class or birthplace.’
    • ‘Almost without exception they go straight into the file marked ‘Deleted Items’’
    • ‘They are the same people with whom every single Friday, without exception, I have this conversation.’
    • ‘Despite these disruptions, his teachers, without exception, remember him as high-achieving and friendly.’
    • ‘Sources consulted are, without exception, English and French.’
    • ‘There were numerous cases of people claiming to have the stuff for sale to the highest bidder, but they all without exception turned out to be fraudulent.’
    • ‘This is the same with every doctor I've visited in my life, without exception; they never run on schedule.’
    • ‘Everyone without exception, regardless of creed, colour, race or class!’
    • ‘The Bulgarian police who had stopped them had without exception sent them on their way with smiles and good wishes, they said.’
    • ‘Everyone, without exception, had had a pleasant Xmas and a fine New Year and all and sundry were in moods so dandy it was like Springtime come early.’
    • ‘Prices are fair without exception and are comparable to those found at Oxford's faintly generic French chain restaurants.’
    • ‘And then it struck me: every single one of them, without exception, was from my home state.’
    • ‘Everyone, without exception, wanted a new era of friendship and peace.’
    • ‘Almost without exception, children become more intelligent, almost day by day, and if you watch them, you can see this happen.’
    • ‘The law will be applied without exception, notably in public places.’
    • ‘Every newspaper, as far as I can see without exception, devoted pages and pages of print and photographs to reporting the march.’
    • ‘It has left everybody here, without exception, just devastated.’
    randomly, at random, unsystematically, aimlessly, unmethodically, without method, haphazardly, blindly, uncritically, undiscriminatingly, non-selectively, injudiciously