Meaning of without fail in English:

without fail


  • With no exception; always.

    ‘he writes every week without fail’
    • ‘Roast beef and chicken dinners are weekly occurrences and on every occasion without fail the meat is always perfect.’
    • ‘We got to choose a sweet for under 10 pence and she always, without fail, abandoned us at the checkout.’
    • ‘There are certain websites which always, without fail, get the wrong password out of me.’
    • ‘Natascha, Tash to most, was the first to admit that nervousness always and without fail got the better of her.’
    • ‘My father worked three jobs to care for his family and without fail he always made a point to be home for the family dinner.’
    • ‘Why was it that whenever I was treated by fate to a romantic setting, I was always, without fail, ALONE?’
    • ‘There was one of those pregnant silences that always grace a table without fail.’
    • ‘It is the earliest of our primroses and the most reliable, appearing without fail each year, often blooming with the snowdrops in early February.’
    • ‘Constantly, without fail, she'd find herself in a group who completely ignored her.’
    • ‘Its colours and moods thrill the soul, ever changing in a reassuring regular manner, season after season, without fail.’
    • ‘This always cheered me up, without fail, and this time was no different.’
    • ‘And yet, my mother would tune in every morning without fail, to follow the latest exploits of the main characters.’
    • ‘I think the flood problems in Jakarta are almost impossible to solve, because the city floods every year, without fail.’
    • ‘Above all, the resilience of the human spirit, present without fail in each location, is what has kept the filmmaker going.’
    • ‘The lawmakers should be called to account without fail for their reckless actions that run contrary to national interest.’
    • ‘It is totally unfair that other clubs are supplying referees week in week out without fail and other clubs couldn't be bothered.’
    • ‘She also paid tribute to all the cardplayers who came along without fail each Sunday night and helped in a really big way to make this possible.’
    • ‘I am the one they'll sit next to on public transport without fail.’
    • ‘The cargo truckers' case should become a good precedent that any illegal action will face punishment by law without fail.’
    • ‘They are studying plans to give those who turn up for work without fail extra days of holiday and even the chance to win prizes in order to make sure enough bobbies are on the beat.’
    without exception, unfailingly, constantly, regularly, invariably, dependably, conscientiously, reliably, faithfully, predictably, punctually, religiously, whatever happened, always
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