Meaning of without fear or favour in English:

without fear or favour


  • Impartially.

    ‘take all your decisions without fear or favour’
    • ‘Judges are supposed to impartially interpret the law without fear or favour.’
    • ‘What hidden motivations are there in an oath that states that our judges will pledge themselves to act fairly and impartially, without fear or favour, affection, or ill will?’
    • ‘Anyone suspected of criminal behaviour, regardless of who they are, should be subject to investigation, and, if the competent authority deems necessary, should be tried without fear or favour.’
    • ‘They have specific legislation securing their independence, permanence, identity and mandate - and their freedom to work professionally, without fear or favour.’
    • ‘He has, without fear or favour, consistently stood up for the people of Bootham and of the city.’
    • ‘But surely the answer isn't to abolish the fee but to insist that it is spent on quality drama and serious news, controversial where necessary and without fear or favour to the powers-that-be.’
    • ‘University researchers know that funding from business is not necessarily submission to the dictates of the market, but perhaps the only guarantee of being able to conduct research without fear or favour.’
    • ‘I guess this post is going to land me in trouble with some people but I have spent my whole life speaking without fear or favour so I am not going to retreat from telling the facts now.’
    • ‘We all know that these proposals would be implemented without fear or favour - but only among those least able to survive a wage cut which took them down to a weekly salary of £60.’
    • ‘In these days when many charges of sensationalism are levelled against the media, it is the weekly papers of the country which are upholding the traditions of reportage without fear or favour.’
    fair, just