Meaning of without limit in English:

without limit


  • With no restriction.

    ‘the potential energy does not increase without limit’
    • ‘In seventeen cases the disposal was as it would have been prior to the passage of the 1991 Act, a restriction order without limit of time.’
    • ‘She can, like England, use without limit the immense industry of United States.’
    • ‘Lastly, it settles for a method which is an extension of Islamic metaphysics by stating that ‘knowledge is limitless because the objects of knowledge are without limit.’’
    • ‘I think we're meeting all conceivable moral obligations to the elderly, and I don't see any reason to suppose those obligations increase without limit just because we earn more money.’
    • ‘He said it's just a matter of time before nation-states accept the reality that they can't use their authority without limit and trample on human rights.’
    • ‘They can divide without limit, which is what makes them so deadly.’
    • ‘As a poet, his technical resources seem to have been without limit.’
    • ‘He was ordered to be detained without limit later that year after pleading guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.’
    • ‘That belief is one reason why he has so often and conspicuously argued to have boatloads of illegal aliens accepted without limit.’
    • ‘Better yet, the possibilities for an infiltrator in the development team who build the system would be literally without limit.’
    boundless, unbounded, unlimited, without limit, illimitable