Meaning of without number in English:

without number


  • Too many to count.

    ‘I began to write to you times without number’
    • ‘These examples could be multiplied almost without number.’
    • ‘This is in sharp contrast to the stand of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad which has made no such commitment and reiterated times without number that it shall accept only a favourable judicial verdict!’
    • ‘In today's Highlands, the march of the modern means that the hills support unsaleable sheep and the shores inedible shellfish; salmon are caged and deer without number pollute the bens.’
    • ‘Echenoz seems to have met his publisher face to face times without number over the years, without any suggestion that a hired intermediary would be a good idea.’
    • ‘May your joys be without number and your troubles few.’
    • ‘For the next year or so, he trotted out that phrase times without number.’
    • ‘Now 72 years old, he has won awards without number, including, in 1984, the Nobel Peace Prize.’
    • ‘The web sites devoted to Hitchcock and his films are almost without number.’
    • ‘A theology of blessing begins with God, the fountain of all blessings, whose benevolence toward his creation produces mercies without number.’
    • ‘But Leander, a born fighter who had proved times without number that he would never take defeat lying down, recovered in a fashion that can well be described as a miracle.’
    innumerable, countless, unlimited, endless, limitless, untold, an infinite number of, an incalculable number of, more than one can count, too many to be counted, without number, uncountable, uncounted