Meaning of without peer in English:

without peer


  • Unrivalled.

    ‘he is a goalkeeper without peer’
    • ‘As an institutional history, it stands without peer; it gives us a much needed contemporary history of an extraordinary place.’
    • ‘It stands without peer in the public arena as the most authoritative record of one of the nation's most trying experiences.’
    • ‘He gave up drinking a while ago, but he remains, quite simply and without peer, the worst driver of all time, constantly alternating between sudden acceleration and braking.’
    • ‘His drumming ability is simply without peer.’
    • ‘This is a precedent without peer in modern Australian political history.’
    • ‘As a representation of the action it is fatuous - but the iconography is without peer.’
    • ‘Owen's knowledge of corporate practices and the intricacies of doing business in nineteenth-century Russia is without peer and it shows in this chapter.’
    • ‘Among the psychotherapies for children and adolescents, parent management training is without peer.’
    • ‘This book is an historical who dunnit without peer.’
    • ‘In this he was, and probably remains, without peer.’