Meaning of without prejudice in English:

without prejudice


  • Without detriment to any existing right or claim.

    ‘the payment was made without any prejudice to her rights’
    • ‘He is to stress that any acceptance by us of the keys is without prejudice to the dilapidations claim.’
    • ‘The motion was dismissed, on terms, without prejudice to the defendant's right to renew the motion at trial.’
    • ‘The order included a provision that it was without prejudice to the right of the defendants to add her name if they so chose.’
    • ‘This discharge is in addition to and without prejudice to any other discharge given to the Trustees.’
    • ‘This procedure is without prejudice to the Supervising Officer's responsibility under the building contract.’
    justly, equitably, impartially, without bias, without prejudice, without fear or favour, with an open mind, open-mindedly, even-handedly, objectively, neutrally, disinterestedly